Share Your Car

Earn cash by renting out your car

Leave your keys with us  and come back to a clean car and easy money. When you share your car using, we manage everything from borrower screenings to key hand-offs. We process payments quickly to make sharing your car seamless and convenient.


Welcome to Grow My Auto Fleet, where we turn your idle car into a lucrative asset! With our innovative platform, you can now earn between $300 and $1500 USD per month by simply leasing your vehicle with us.

Here’s how it works: Once you register your car with Grow My Auto Fleet, we’ll match it with qualified renters in need of short-term vehicle solutions. From busy professionals to weekend adventurers, there’s always someone looking to rent a reliable set of wheels.

The best part? Your role is entirely passive. Sit back and relax as we handle all the logistics, from vetting renters to managing payments and insurance. Plus, rest assured knowing that your vehicle is covered by our comprehensive insurance policy throughout the rental period.

Whether you’re looking to offset monthly expenses or generate extra income, Grow My Auto Fleet offers a hassle-free way to maximize the earning potential of your car. Join us today and start growing your auto fleet effortlessly!

How sharing your car works

We make car sharing simple, so the money you earn is truly passive. We treat your vehicle like it’s our own and take precautions to protect it from the inside out.

Verify your car’s eligibility (Click Here)

Check that your car meets our qualifications to be accepted for sharing.

Get an Inspection at one of our service centers

Pick a convenient location to get a comprehensive inspection to determine the condition of the car.

Get ready for sharing

Remove your possessions from your car, head to the lot, park in a designated space and drop your keys in the key box.

Sit back and earn

We share your car with other drivers and you earn money.

Is your car ready for sharing?

All cars shared on must meet these guidelines:

Model year 2008 or newer*

Less than 200,000 miles

A valid, up-to-date registration

An automatic transmission

A gas-powered, electric or hybrid engine

No visible damage or major maintenance issues

No open recalls

Insurance coverage that meets your state minimum requirement

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We offer you a simple, no-hassle way to start a rental car business on the side and earn extra cash by sharing your car with others. You won’t pay fees, and we don’t require installing expensive equipment to share your vehicle. Earn anywhere between $300 – $1500 per month when you share your vehicle with us. 

If you’re ready to earn passive income and help visitors or neighbors who need a car to get around town, share your vehicle on today.

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Grow My Auto Fleet is a trusted partner specializing in maximizing the potential of your vehicle assets. We seamlessly integrate your car into our rental fleet management system, allowing it to become an income-generating asset.